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Summary of carbon steel

   Carbon steel is refers to the carbon content less than 2%, and silicon, manganese, and a small amount of impurities such as phosphorus, sulfur, iron carbon alloy. Carbon steel of carbon content in industrial application is generally not more than 1.4%. This is because the carbon content of more than this amount, steel table shows a lot of hard and brittle, and processing difficulties, loss of production and use value. 
   Carbon steel according to the different quality can be divided into ordinary carbon structural steel and high quality carbon structural steel category. High quality carbon structural steel rules allow the content of sulfur and phosphorus than ordinary carbon steel is low, so the comprehensive mechanical properties are better than ordinary carbon steel.
   (1) manufacturing method. Carbon steel smelting in converter, usually open hearth furnace. Converter smelting general ordinary carbon steel, and the open hearth furnace smelting can be all kinds of high quality steel. Oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking technology developing rapidly in recent years, there are trends instead of open hearth steelmaking. Will inject ingot mould good molten steel smelting, get all kinds of steel ingot. Ingot after forging or rolling processing into various shapes of steel and forgings. Ingot after pressure processing, can improve the internal organization of the steel and inclusion distribution, so the performance of the same composition than the steel ingot is superior.
   (2) use. Carbon steel is mainly used to manufacture strength requirement of machine parts and various metal artifacts. Widely used in all aspects of the mechanical manufacturing. Such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, ships, etc. It is a kind of the most widely used, use one of the largest steel.
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