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Ball valve maintenance

   Sphere rushed over:assembly should correctly, smooth operation, does not allow for the use of throttle valve; Should be timely after sphere rushed over to repair, replace the seal.

   Sealing surface crushed: tighten the seat bolts should be uniform, force is smaller, the better to close a few times more, not a tight too much too tight, damage the sealing surface of crapping to repair can be performed.

   Pressure: no preload preload pressure valve seat sealing surface should be inspected periodically and found a leak or sealing surface contact should be a little loose pressure valve seat sealing surface; Preloading spring effect change.
   Handle, and the stem and ball joint gap is big, the handle has to close down, from leakage and sphere rotation Angle less than 90 ° : limited institutional loose grip, and the stem and ball joint and the clearance is too large, shall repair, fastening to prison; Adjust spacing block, eliminate wrench advance Angle, make the sphere open and close properly. 

   Seat and ontology interface is not smooth, wear and tear, 0 ring damage to make seat leakage: improve the seat and body contact surface finish, decrease The Times of the seat remove o-ring change regularly.

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