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The working principle of ball valve

Ball valve, GB/T21465-2008 "valve terms" are defined as opening and closing (sphere) by stem drive, then make rotation movement around the axis of the stem of the valve.Mainly used for truncated or on line in the medium, can also be used for regulation and control of the fluid, including hard seal v-shaped ball valve the v-shaped ball core of carbide surfacing with strong shear force between metal valve seat, especially suitable for fiber, micro solid material such as medium.And ball valve in the pipeline is not only more connected to the confluence of flexible control medium, shunt, and the flow switch, at the same time also can close any channel and make the other two.This valve shall generally be installed in the pipeline.
The working principle of
Ball valve it has rotated 90 degrees, the cock body for a sphere, a round hole or tunnel through its axis.Ball valve in the line is mainly used for cutting, distribution, and change the flow direction of medium, it just has to rotate 90 degrees of operating and small rotational torque can be closed tightly.Ball valve is suitable to do the most switch, cut-off valve, ball valve but recent development have designed to make it with throttling and control flow, such as V type ball valve.
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