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The difference between Angle valve and ball valve

  Angle valve is mainly used in the heating pipeline. Is usually embedded in the walls, the hose connection above faucet and walls of a join point. Such as the bathroom faucet usually have between hot and cold water alternately, will pull out from under the two hoses, then connected to the wall, embedded in the walls of the interface is the Angle valve. Because of the heat pipe shape into a 90 degree Angle at the corner, and the ball valve is a straight through, so the fundamental difference between the Angle valve and ball valve is a 90 degree Angle valve of exports and imports right Angle.
  Angle valves usually have four main functions:
  (1) the transfer inside and outside the outlet;
  (2) when the pressure is too big, can be in above the triangle valve adjustment, turn down.
  (3) role of switch, if the leading leakage phenomenon, such as just in time to turn off the triangle valve, without having to shut the total valve in the home.
  (4) Angle valve usually is an essential part of bridal chamber decorates water warms accessories, and have the effect of the beauty is generous.
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