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The classification of hydraulic quick connector

A, according to the application form can be divided into:
Air with fast connection, oxygen, fuel gas with fast connection, gas liquid share quick connectors, hydraulic with fast connection, inert gas with fast connection, cooling water temperature oil with fast connection, semiconductor fast connection.
  1, the air with quick connector:
It is mainly used for air piping, pneumatic tool accessories.Corresponding to its purpose, has a rich variety of body material (variation in shape, size and installation.
Use notice:
Pay attention to
Please do not used for purposes other than rapid fluid connectors.
Please don't used to apply fluid outside of the fluid.
Please do not connected to other companies to produce rapid fluid connectors.
When using do not exceed the highest working pressure.
Don't use beyond the limits of temperature, preventing sealing material wear or leak.
Don't for punch, bending, stretching, prevent breakage.
Don't mix used in areas such as the metal powder or sand dust, preventing work harmful or leakage.
L like attached debris can cause bad work or leakage.
L do not remove the fast connector.
  2, oxygen and fuel gas with quick connector:
Mainly used for general fuse pipe with large flow, durability and corrosion resistance characteristics.The main material, size, and installation form rich variety.
  3, gas, liquid share quick connector:
Mainly used for ion cooling piping, brewing equipment, machine cutting oil piping, car washing machine.Through a simple leverage connection, may transport the liquid, gas, powder, etc.The main material, size, and installation form rich variety.
  4, hydraulic quick connector:
Mainly used in hydraulic equipment, construction machinery.Main metal material should be resistant to vibration and impact.Size and shape, rich variety installation.
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